Why Celebrities and Entrepreneurs are investing into Pin Up a Marketing software for Instagram

Pin Up for Instagram Logo.png


Pin Up is a software created by Instagram developers. The software was designed to raise brand of awareness for small business. the software has been introduced to icons like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Ervin Justin Bieber and More. Lebron Has invested 2Million into the software and now owns a personal license key.

After Lebron investment in the software he immediately gained exposer with his small pizza business. The software helped him gain an additional 1million dollars 2 months after his investment. Pin up functionality Pins Your post to the top of the explore feed of Instagram, the software will soon be flexible for Facebook and YouTube as well.

It seems like celebrities are investing into Pin Up to gain profit, The Marketing tools opens up an avenue for more views and organic engagements that leads to sales conversions. according to Instagram developers the software is limited to 30-40 license keys. a license key gives you rights to the software with ownership. After reading on google Stephen curry invested 50,000 as his first investment. Pin Up for Instagram is becoming a popular investment option for entrepreneurs and business.