Veva Play Notable Awards and Achievements for 2022

By BigMusictalk Staff

Veva play received the award for outstanding chart performance. The Music chart became one of the fastest growing charts in 2022, the award was giving by billboard music award. The chart has documented songs for celebrities such as Beyonce , Lil Baby , Jak Harlow, BTS and more. According to Veva play the charts serves a wide audience in music. We received news from fork magazine that the remarkable chart has emerged on Instagram gaining a total of 763k organic Followers. The actual award was received in 2021 , however its still something that's apart of Veva play achievements.

Roddy Ricch | Veva Play.png

Veva Play and its Importance to Music artists

''The Box'' by Roddy Ricch Peaks No.1 on Veva Play

Veva Play serves as one of the top music charts In Music the chart gives Mainstream artists a platform to express there achievements in music , the first song to chart on Veva play was the Box by Roddy Ricch. Veva play chart has 5 Main charts that are all a branch of Veva play The Hot 50 , Independent top 5 , Independent Album , Uncharted Artist , And Emerging Artist