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Blazer Barboza & Kevin Gates Responds To There Fans From Across The Globe.

Monday , May, 31 2022
Blazer Barboza releases his latest interview on you tube titled ''The Internet vs Blazer Barboza'' were he responding to his fans. The Celebrity responded back to the positive and negative comments that the fans left under his Instagram post. Responding to Comment I are on camera is becoming more trending in the music industry. This Gives Artist like Blazer Barboza , Future , Kevin Gates and more the lead room to express themselves though big interview platforms around the globe.The Popular trend of responding to comments while attending a live interview was first seen by a few mainstream level rappers like Lil Nas X, Kevin Gates and Blazer Barboza starting at the begging of 2019 until 2020 this helped increased the engagement level of there fan base over the internet. Not to many rapper responds back to there comments from social media do to there level of fame. The few rappers mention above seem's to be down to earth.

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Choppa Boy is leading with his video Spin

Monquez Johnson professionally known as Choppa Boy. Born January 21 in Birmingham Al. He began taking rap serious in Middle School at the age of 15. Choppa boy use to perform in front of his neighborhood at local parties and events. Everybody gave his talent recognition by telling him he would become a celebrity one day. Music has been a part of Choppa Boy passion since middle school. In 2020 he released his official music video titled Choppavelli gaining traction of 12k views withing the first few days. His first mixtape was also title Choppavelli. The young artist continues to put his passion into creating heart felt music for his fans.

Don Welch

Don Welch is both a writing composer and performing artist who has gained his own organic and loyal fan base through his sincere engagement with all those who show interest in his music and movement. His social media and music platforms have reached significant measures across the international lines over the past few years with out any major label or distribution company, until now. Welch has recently signed a partnership deal with San Antonio music label Mind & Soul Music in which they foresee this relationship pushing his career into the level into the major music industry. Based out of south Texas, the dedicated artist has made his music life his life style spending hours each day, researching his craft and the music business, engaging with fans and constantly thinking of new innovated ideas for his music and art visuals. Surrounded by a dedicated team consisting of his own music producer, film director and producer, loyal team members and now his partnership with Mind and Soul Music, this young talent is positioning himself to a bright successful music career.You can get a good glimpse of his point of view on modern day issues and a background of his childhood history through his music that is composed of a rap hip hop and blues rock vibes. His debut album ‘Melting Pot’ released in 2018 is still relevant in 2020 and being actively streamed as well as his two latest music singles and videos ‘Just Know’ and ‘Forced Hands’ that are both available on all music platforms. Stay in tuned with the outlaw as he prepares to release his sophomore album in later 2020.