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Jack Harlow Expands His Latest Single to Reach Veva Play Charts

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2023

Time: 6:52pm

By Big Music Staff

''Jack Harlow and His singe Back Stage Passes Rolls onto Veva Play January chart 2023 ''

Jack Harlow Big Music Talk.Png Time: 6:52pm


Jack Harlow is an upcoming artist who has recently made a huge splash in the music industry with his hit song "Back Stage Passes". The song was released in 2020 and quickly rose to success, reaching the top of charts like Billboard Hot 100 and Veva Play. He is now being recognized as one of the first artists with a unique sound that has caught people’s attention.

The track itself contains clever wordplay and witty lines that have resonated deeply with listeners around the world. It also features an upbeat tempo which makes it easy to listen to even if you don’t understand all of its lyrics. Jack Harlow's ability to create such catchy tunes while still maintaining his own style sets him apart from other musicians out there today, making him stand out among many others vying for recognition within this competitive field.

Since releasing “Back Stage Passes” Jack Harlow has seen tremendous growth both musically but also commercially as well; he's been featured on numerous radio stations worldwide, had multiple interviews conducted by major news outlets, performed at sold-out shows across North America & Europe - just name a few! His rise hasn't gone unnoticed either; he was nominated for several awards including Best New Artist at MTV Video Music Awards 2021 & Top 10 Breakthrough Artist Of The Year by Complex Magazine 2022 - showing how far he's come since starting off back in 2019 when nobody knew about him yet! With continued hard work and dedication we can expect great things from Jack Harlow going forward into 2023 where hopefully we'll see more chart topping hits coming our way soon enough!