Eric Bernard Single Money Tag is Ready for the Charts

Why Money Tag Is Ready for the Charts

Each year Big Music talk gathers some of the best hit singles from around the globe, songs like ''Money Tag'' By Eric Bernardin has been sparking the attention of many journalist across the internet. Money Tag is a Hip hop and trap style creation that has gained ears of many platforms such as fork magazine , Hip-hop Booming and more . Eric is known for his creative vocals over down south type beats. ''Money Tag'' is the first independent song to be classified as chart ready according to Fork Magazine.

Eric Bernardin recently released his hit single titled ''Money Tag'' to positive reviews the single features Bruno Mali. His genre of profession is considered hip hop and R&B. Click the song below to hear his latest single. Money Tag has been release on platforms like iTunes apple, Spotify and more. The current release year April 23 , 2021. Bernardin is known for his electrifying vocal , he is known for putting real life lyrics over down south trap type beats. If you are interested in hearing this current single click the link below.