Michael Adrain

Michael Adrian is A New Sound in Music

Michael Adrian is new to the scenes in music. His recent release titled Rain Out has been distributed worldwide to platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Tital and More. The artist quoted he believes ''he has the ability to change the culture of the youth through his heartfelt lyrics''. He is well known for his electrifying vocals over chilled type southern beats


Michael Adrian was born on February 28 th 1996 in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Growing up he was influenced by many styles of music. His family would often play Latin music, whether it be the Salsa music his mother danced to, or the Reggaeton that his father would play. Being a former DJ, Adri’s father would also often play old school Funk, House, and Soul music. Additionally, throughout Elementary and Middle school Adri took piano lessons and sang in choir, during which he learned a great deal about Classical music; and all the while he listened to popular music via the radio and recommendations from friends. However, it was not until Adri’s freshman year in High school that he would begin rapping. As most things begin, Adri began rapping to try and impress a girl he had become friends with, whom he knew was into rap music. And while Adri may have started rapping to impress someone else, it quickly became an art form that he fell in love with and would often turn to in moments of emotional turmoil in order to express himself. As time passed Adri fell deeper into the genre and found himself inspired by artists like J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Childish Gambino. And with practice eventually Adri felt he had a career worth pursuing in music; but more than that he felt he had the ability and responsibility to be a positive influence on the culture.